LAN Madness is a weekend-long Age of Empires II "bring your own computer" (BYOC) LAN Party, based in St Helens Liverpool, UK.

Our core aim is to bring the UK Age of Empires community together for a weekend full of fun - tournaments, custom games, board games and more, on Friday 8th July to Sunday 10th July.

Join us on Discord, and follow us on our social platforms such as TwitterYouTube and Twitch - we'll be posting updates regularly with our plans and behind the scenes content!

Learn more about us, and contact us on Discord or by email.

We are running a tournament with cup and plate brackets for all willing to attend LAN Madness.
Sign-ups open 11th April, with first matches 3 and a half weeks later on May 9th.
Cup semis/finals and plate finals will be played and broadcast from a LAN stage at the event!
Full information can be found at
Join us on Discord.

A 48 hour celebration of Age of Empires II!

Community games, guest slots, board games, and the broadcasted conclusion of LAN Lubbers happening live from the venue.

We're a group of AoE2 players coming together to put something on for the community at large; it's something new and something different, and we're hoping you all will see it for what it is - a chance to meet the community, have a load of fun and be something we can all remember for years to come. Don't miss out! Even if you can't bring your computer, we have spectator tickets available so that you don't have to miss anything.

The core of the event is 4 rows of tables primed with power and networking equipment, awaiting up to 48 attendees to bring their own computers (BYOC).

What LAN Madness provides:

  • Table and seat
  • Ethernet cable and access to power socket(s)
  • Fast internet connection speeds
  • Social and board game area
  • Kitchen access (with cooker/kettle etc - at own risk!)
  • Shower facilities (bring a towel)
  • Communal sleeping areas (away from the hustle and bustle of the hall)

What you should bring:

  • BYOC tickets:
    • PC (laptop, or desktop!) and monitor
    • Cables (power, connections - ethernet cable not required)
    • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, headset - no speakers please!)
  • Weekend-long tickets:
    • Sleeping arrangements (air/camp bed, sleeping bag, pillow)

Players that qualify for the tournament cup semis / plate finals will be provided weekend-long spectator access to the event if they do not buy their own ticket; we plan to have both stage and practise PCs available for these players.

If you are struggling to put together transport for yourself and your rig, we have put together a mini matchmaking service on our Discord called 'organise-transport'. It's essentially a Google Map where people looking for a lift can put a marker down in their town, and those with spaces they're willing to car share with can advertise the vague route they plan to go. Can then arrange directly through Discord. All the information on how to use this service is in the organise-transport Discord channel.

Picture taken from The LAN Project - a LAN party that uses the same venue and table layout that LAN Madness will use.


08th - 10th July 2022


Mill Street Barracks


Tickets Start From £20


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