LAN Madness is a weekend-long Age of Empires II "bring your own computer" (BYOC) LAN Party, based in St Helens Liverpool, UK.

Our core aim is to bring the UK Age of Empires community together for a weekend full of fun - tournaments, custom games, board games and more.

Join us on Discord, and follow us on our social platforms such as TwitterYouTube and Twitch - we'll be posting updates regularly with our plans and behind the scenes content!

Learn more about us, and contact us on Discord or by email.

Watch our LM'22 highlight reel!

Watch our LM'22 highlight reel!

Have a UK-based LAN party with as much fun as possible!

LAN Madness was founded in late 2021 by a group of UK AoE2 players:

The team has since been expanded to include AC, TomSnuffles, paradox303 and TheCapybara.


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