Grandy recently attended The LAN Project, who are a group that organises a BYOC LAN in the Mill Street Barracks - the same venue as we are using in July!

The team there have been extraordinarily helpful and kind as we have gone through the process or organising our own LAN, and they were gracious enough to allow us to do a livestream during their 5th successful event!

This video was originally a 1h30+ livestream from our Twitch channel that Grandy cut down to around 15 minutes and is well worth a watch to see where everything is, get an idea of the space and what roughly goes where.

As always, any questions do head over to our Discord server or Twitter DMs and get your Qs answered, and go follow us on Twitch as we begin broadcasting LAN Lubbers games!

Only 7 BYOC tickets left as of right now, so get your bookings in pronto!

-LM staff

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