It is with great pleasure and much nervous anticipation that we reveal our existence to you all.
This post (and video) is our introduction to the wider community and a basic overview of what we're aiming to do and what we've done up to this point, with plenty still being planned that shall be announced when ready. // // //

Who are we?

LAN Madness; a 48-slot "bring your own computer" (BYOC) LAN Party, set in St Helens (Liverpool), coming in summer 2022.

In more personal terms - the core team is made up of Grandy, MangoMel, JBR and King_Boo - joining up to organise this event under a central banner. We've each been a member of the UK AoE2 community for various numbers of years, but you're most likely to have seen our names in the TeamGB Discord or Mel's /JBR's / prent0s' communities.

(p.s. we hope you like the event's name; we have GeologyWade to thank for that!)

What is a LAN party?

LAN parties have been a thing for decades - basically since LANs and PCs were invented; families have played games together on their home networks, and the invested gamers setup bigger networks and invited friends to bring their giant towers and CRT monitors over to their dining room table for a day.

In more recent times, organisations have sprung up all across the world providing a far bigger and feature-rich "bring your own computer" (BYOC) experience; providing networking, power and venue space for a weekend. In the case of LAN Madness, this is the Mill Street Barracks in St Helens; booked for a weekend (Friday to Sunday, 2 nights, with sleeping space available), with terrific internet speeds and the setup for 48 BYOC personnel!

Unlike most LAN parties, we wanted to cater to a specific game. So for us, that means mostly aiming our organised internal events (tournaments/casual games etc) towards Age of Empires, but as it is a LAN party, that still gives freedom to organise events in other games as well! Some fun ones at LANs we've attended have been things like Golf With Your Friends, Crab Game, Jackbox, and board games as well.

State of planning

Our vague roadmap is as follows:

✅ Venue secured
✅ BYOC-related equipment
✅ Branding / website / platforms
✅ Sponsor deck created
⬜ Release behind the scenes videos
⬜ Sponsor(s) signed
⬜ Full details released and ticket sales begin

NOTE re: sponsors - the ticket price will be enough cover venue/equipment/basic items that are needed to run the 48-person BYOC, so the core of the event is covered by ticket purchases. We aim to keep this price as low as possible to allow people to pay for transport/food, so that the overall cost to attend not break the bank. It's also why the venue needed to have enough space for people to sleep on site. Sponsors will enable us to elevate the event to a whole different level, in a way that benefits them too!

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please do get in touch by email.


The UK scene has been having more meetups of late and they've been a really great time, so we hope that you're as hyped as we are for something longer and with more to it.

Over the coming weeks we'll be releasing some behind the scenes videos, with our main hub being this website and our Discord server - but you can find us at all our places in the links below.

With love,

Grandy, Mel, JBR and Boo!


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