Last night (Sunday 10th April) a bunch of the staff and the community got together to chat about LAN Madness - what we've been doing since the last update and what's about to come up. There's a lot to get through!

Tickets go on sale Monday 11th April @ 8pm BST / 7pm BST - 
Ticket Page
Tournament is announced - LAN Lubbers. Begins in May, ends at LAN Madness.


New staff

We're delighted to have TheCapybara, AC, paradox303 and TomSnuffles join the staff team.
A wide mix of skills and experience coming into the lineup.

Age restrictions

We've decided to make the event 18+ only. This is due to potential safeguarding issues - the event has both communal sleeping spaces and probably a fair bit of alcohol around, so this approach is simplest/least risky from our point of view.

Transport assistance

We want to help those who want to come but are unable to figure out transport to the venue.
On our Discord we have opened up a 'transport-assistance' channel. This has some instructions on how to use a Google Maps pin system.
We have one layer designated for people needing assistance to put down a pin that roughly shows where they are travelling from, while people who are willing to give car shares can add a new layer with their route. From there, people can organise through DMs.

Tournament reveal

LAN Lubbers is our pirate-themed two-bracket tournament (cup and plate, with the top X sign-ups placed in cup) that will take place from May 9th through to the end of the July LAN weekend.

Semis and finals of the cup bracket, and finals of the plate bracket will be played out on a LAN stage, drafting table and all, broadcasted live from the venue.

Entry is permitted to those willing to travel to the event in July. Those that qualify will be provided a full weekend spectator ticket to LAN Madness, with access to stage/practice PCs. We are happy to upgrade that ticket for the cost of the price difference, or refund the £30 cost of a spectator ticket if you as a qualifying player have already bought a ticket.

More information can be found here as well as on Discord.


Long story short, we're still looking.
We prioritised talking with Microsoft as first port of call, and while we can't say too much given some conversations were under NDA, we can simply say that talks were had and there is currently no outcome.
We do have emails out and conversations being had with various companies, so we're still hopeful that we can get some kind of sponsor involvement.

In the mean time, we're opening up a community LAN Lubbers prize pool fund, which we've seeded £100 into as a starting point. This is based on budgeting projections of 30 BYOC attendees - so once we fill the main event beyond 30 attendees, we'll be adding to the prize pool for every ticket sold. We'll have information on how to contribute to this pool on every stream on our Twitch channel and very graciously by Mel on her Twitch channel too.

Esports Scotland have jumped on board to help us provide stage/practise PCs, with the potential for a few to be rental - but we'll update on rentals closer to the event once we have concluded talks with full rental PC companies.


The ball is now rolling! You'll see a lot more from us in the coming 3 months heading to the event weekend, starting with an at-least-weekly stream on our Twitch channel by various members of staff over the coming month as we try to get affiliate. These streams will be a mix of things, from wacky community games, to showmatches and mini-tournies.

May-June you'll see LAN Lubbers kick off and various streams casting those matches.

July 8-10th we'll be streaming the entire weekend more or less, live from LAN.

Schedule for the weekend itself can be found on the LM event page.


AC has begun work on putting together a mini gameshow that we'll have on the Saturday night while at LAN. Like the one hosted at the start of the year, it'll mostly consist of a quiz based on AoE2 and some general knowledge.

Will be streamed and have some prizes for the winning team!


These will be on sale Monday 11th April 8pm BST / 7pm GMT.

The split for how £50 goes into the costs of the event looks something like this:

(Misc being things like lanyards, prize pool contribution, drafting table; consumables being loo roll, tape, bins etc).

...and that's about everything!

We did get a ton of really good questions that'll make their way into the Q&A channel on Discord in the coming days, but in the mean time you can always skip to the end of the VOD linked at the top of this news post.

Other than that - let your friends know about LAN Madness! It's all kicking off!

From everyone in the LM staff, thanks for coming along to our first stream and we can't wait to see you all in July!


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